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External financing machinery
External financing machinery
External financing of new dairy factory
External financing of new dairy factory
Company funding of (snow)attraction
Company funding of (snow)attraction
(Partial) sale of goat cheese producer
(Partial) sale of goat cheese producer

Financial institutions

Due to our strong relationships with various financial institutions, we can help you to find the right bank and advise you accurately about the credit application, for example to finance your acquisition.

Preparation phase

Determining the financing requirements

In order to assess your future financing requirements, you need to have a clear insight into your future strategy, preferably detailed in a business plan. The business plan shall be used to draw up a long-range budget. Besides a results-based budget, this budget should include a liquidity budget which details, amongst other things, investments in assets and operating capital. The financing requirements can be determined on the basis of the liquidity budget.

Financial prospectus

Approaching Financial institutions

Nowadays financial institutions are highly regulated and require a lot of information for an investment. Van Oers Corporate Finance can support their clients by drafting a financial prospectus. This document offers financial institutions all the required information, such as the business information and financing requirements. The Financial prospectus will be sent to a number of selected financiers. Finally, Van Oers Corporate Finance can evaluate the offers from the financial institutions to optimally finance the investment.

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Finance specialist

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