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Reference: Arjan van Dijk privatized from Jaarbeurs Catering Services

Arjan van Dijk was a subsidiary of Jaarbeurs Catering Services since 2008. As of January 2014 Arjan van Dijk has been privatized from Jaarbeurs Catering Services. By this transaction Arjan van Dijk will be owned again by the former management Jos Peeters and Roland Ernst. The joint decision of privatizing Arjan van Dijk is a logical result of the new strategy of Jaarbeurs Catering ervices.

Instead of targeting on the whole range of event disciplines, from catering services to decor construction and entertainment, Arjan van Dijk will focus on its core activity again: the creation and development of events that are a true experience, represent the client’s signature and exceed expectations. The department Deco & Styling will continue as an integral part of Jaarbeurs Catering Services.

As an event organisation Arjan van Dijk will mainly make use of their own locations: Jaiselings Royal Palace in Wernhout, Kruithuis Arsenaal in Woudrichem, Fort St. Gertrudis and Puur!achter de markt in Geertruidenberg.

Van Oers Corporate Finance has advised Jos Peeters and Roland Ernst with the total privatization of Arjan van Dijk. Van Oers Corporate Finance advised them also with the sale of Arjan van Dijk to Jaarbeurs Catering Services in 2008.