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Reference: Sale of Henningsen Nederland to Ariake Japan (listed company)

Henningsen Nederland was established in 1984 by the US-based Henningsen Foods Inc. Henningsen Nederland is a specialised and leading producer of dehydrated meat powders and granules, which are sold worldwide in various types of product including dry soups, sauces, stock cubes, baby food, animal feed and snacks. The buyers include large multinationals, reputable food concerns and flavour houses. Henningsen Nederland is one of the major players in its market segment.

In 1989 the company was taken over by QP, the largest mayonnaise producer in Japan. When QP decided to sell Henningsen Nederland, Van Oers Corporate Finance assisted and advised the management during the Management Buy-Out. In the period after the Management Buy-Out the company continued to grow steadily.

In 2013 Van Oers Corporate Finance advised the four shareholders during the sale of Henningsen Nederland to Ariake Europe N.V., a subsidiary of the listed Japanese company, Ariake Japan. Van Oers Corporate Finance assisted and advised the shareholders in the entire process, including amongst others a valuation of the company, the bidding process, the negotiations and the share purchase agreements.

Ariake Japan is a listed company in the food and ingredient market. The company realizes annual sales exceeding EUR 200 million. Ariake Japan is a leading and reputable company in the field of natural seasonings derived from livestock, with ingredients drawn primarily from chicken, pork and beef. Its products are amongst others used as the base for soup and instant noodles.